Michelle Rodriguez
"Furious 7" actress Michelle Rodriguez, pictured here at the Universal Studios Hollywood Ride 'Fast & Furious-Supercharged' opening on June 23, 2015, stars in a newly-released deleted scene from the movie. Getty

With “Furious 7” enjoying the biggest box office success for the entire “Fast and Furious” franchise, it’s no surprise that an eighth movie has already been green lit. Now, with the digital HD release of the latest installment comes a chance to revisit the film and check out some cool bonus extras.

Among these extras is a small deleted scene (via the Wall Street Journal) that explains where Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) took off to at the beginning of the movie. In a baffling scene that completely undoes the emotional growth of the sixth movie, Letty opens “Furious 7” by telling Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) that she can’t be his girlfriend until she regains the memory that she lost in the fourth movie - confused yet?

After that very tense and baffling scene, some things happen with international terrorists, street races and a black ops government agents that forces Toretto to get the team back together, which includes Letty. In the film, the scene is somewhat jarring because it’s unclear how much time has passed between when Letty left and when she returns. In other words, she left on this big quest of self discovery only to return with no mention of it. As it turns out, director James Wan originally planned to include a scene in which the audience sees Letty go back to the hospital she was admitted to after the accident that took her memory.

As ScreenRant notes, the scene is actually pretty boring and a bit of a departure from the rest of the film’s action-packed tone. Although it sets up the idea of Letty slowly regaining her memories through flashback, it’s easy to see why the director chose to leave it on the cutting room floor. However, despite the scene’s shortcomings, it does explain one very baffling thing about the film’s credits.

Gal Gadot, who many fans will remember got her start in the fourth movie before meeting her tragic end in “Fast 6,” is credited in this movie despite her character, Gisele, only appearing in a still pictured uncovered from her boyfriend’s wrecked car. However, in the deleted scene, it turns out Gadot reprised her role for a brief cameo that would have revealed her as the one that rescued Letty in the first place. This explains why the actress gets prime placement in the credits of the movie despite her character not being alive anymore.

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