Fyre Festival attendees reportedly fear they're being scammed once again after allegedly receiving multiple spam emails boasting offers to several high-profile events.

Emails from NYC VIP Access with exclusive offers to star-studded events were delivered into the inboxes of several Fyre Festival ticket holders beginning in December 2017, VICE News reported. The emailed invitations included entry into the Met Gala and front row seats at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Recipients also received an opportunity to pay nearly $3,000 to attend a private dinner with Cleveland Cavaliers player LeBron James and his teammates. 

"We stepped up our game today for you, big time. The Cleveland Cavaliers come to Madison Square Garden on Monday, April 9, to play the New York Knicks," one of the email's read, according to VICE News. "We have seats to the game and invitations to the Cavs team dinner and club after the game, where Lebron will be in attendance."

Festival attendees reportedly receive emails of this caliber from NYC VIP Access on a weekly basis. 

"I get them pretty much every week. It's hilarious," Seth Crossno, who famously live-tweeted the festival while in attendance, told VICE News. Crossno also claimed to know of four other attendees that have been subjected to the spam invitations.

NYC VIP Access' website doesn't feature much content, with only a generic home screen page and contact form for individuals aiming to "inquire regarding event offerings" made viewable. The company, however, was founded by a few hip-hop managers and their artists that came together to provide real, discounted offers to notable events. 

Fyre Festival was expected to take place over the course of two weekends in April and May 2017 in Great Exuma, an island in the Bahamas. Organized by Fyre Media founder Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, they recruited a large crop of influencers and models like Bella Hadid to boost attendance.

Big name performers such as Major Lazer and Migos were also hired to perform. Blink 182 dropped out of the lineup right before the event, citing the showrunners inability to provide the necessary production for the band to put on "the quality of performances we always give fans" as a reason to no longer perform. 

The final product, however, proved to be disastrous. 



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McFarland and Ja Rule faced multiple lawsuits following the failed event.

"Even basic due diligence would have revealed that the Fyre Festival could not possibly live up to the hype, as basic infrastructure was not even in place," one of the lawsuits filed by Greenspoon Marder read, according to Business Insider

McFarland was later arrested in July 2017 on one count of wire fraud after he attempted to scam the festival's investors with fraudulent documents. 

"McFarland promised a 'life-changing' music festival but in actuality delivered a disaster," said acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Joon Kim, according to the Los Angeles Times. "McFarland allegedly presented fake documents to induce investors to put over a million dollars into his company and the fiasco called the Fyre Festival."

"Thanks to the investigative efforts of the FBI, McFarland will now have to answer for his crimes," Kim continued. 

NYC VIP Access did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment.