g dragon award
G-Dragon of GD&TOP performs on stage during the day one of the 2011 Pentaport Rock Festival in Incheon, South Korea, Aug. 5, 2011. Getty Images/Chung Sung-Jun

K-pop star G-Dragon took to his Instagram account to post pictures with “Happy” hit-maker Pharrell Williams, hinting at a possible collaboration between the two artists.

The BIGBANG leader, who has over 11 million followers on Instagram, shares a close relationship with the American singer-songwriter who he first met in 2014. Since then, Williams has made multiple appearances on G-Dragon’s social media profiles.

Both have repeatedly hinted at working together and in October, G-Dragon shared a shot of him and the singer with the caption “Coming Soon,” leading to speculation over a joint project. The picture was shot in a recording studio and also featured pictures with DJ and designer Nigo among others. No official announcement has been made.

In the past, G-Dragon has called Williams “the artist that I want to work with the most,” while Williams mentioned the BIGBANG start and artist Mina Kwon on Twitter in 2013, saying, “These two are amazing talents. Korean art is vast and next level. Time to collab.”

G-Dragon is quite active on Instagram, even replying to one of his fans who spammed his pictures with “I love you.” In a move that upset thousands of his other fans, the singer replied with a “I love you too.”

The latest posts with Williams, however, come days before BIGBANG’s comeback releases on Dec. 12. Officials from YG Entertainment released a picture teaser of “FXXK IT,” one of the title songs from the band’s latest album “MADE The Full Album.”

“FXXK IT is only one of BIGBANG’s title songs, they are planning to release this album with double titles and two MVs are already ready. It’s been one year since their last release so you can bet it’s going to be amazing,” K-pop entertainment website Koreaboo quoted YG personnel as saying.