G-Eazy is being accused of snorting cocaine, and some are saying there’s a video that proves it.

According to VladTV, the Oakland rapper was partying inside a New York City nightclub after Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, and that’s where the alleged drug use took place.

In the video, you can clearly see someone who looks like the 27-year-old sitting over a woman and seemingly snorting something off her stomach. “Drop the blow. Let’s do that,” you can hear someone say in the clip. “Let me do one with the $20,” someone else states.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the video to surface online, and a number of people didn’t have any doubts about the rapper using the drug. “Yeah, ‘cause G-Eazy totally doesn’t look like he does cocaine,” someone wrote. “There is a leaked video of G-Eazy doing a line of cocaine off a girl’s t----,” another person tweeted. “But this isn’t new. He’s been a savage, right?”

Meanwhile, people are still talking about the rapper’s 2016 VMAs performance with Britney Spears. While some have accused the singer of dodging a kiss from him, Spears says the Bay Area artist wasn’t trying to make a move on her since he’s currently spoken for. “No, I don’t think so,” she told 92.3 Amp on Tuesday. “He has a girlfriend.”

The 34-year-old songbird also talked about grabbing G-Eazy’s crotch on stage and claimed it wasn’t on purpose. “I didn’t honestly know what I was doing, and I kind of do something similar in my show in Vegas, so I went on automatic with what I do performing live, and I just do what I did to the dancers.”

In regards to G-Eazy allegedly snorting cocaine, he hasn’t commented on the leaked video and so far there’s been nothing released to confirm it’s really him in the clip.