People are taking to the streets to protest the unlawful death of George Floyd and the countless racial injustices against people of color. This urged major brands in the Gaming industry to issue messages of solidarity. R. Talsorian Games, the company behind CD Projekt Red, warned that its game, “Cyberpunk 2077,” is a reminder of what could happen if protests are overtaken by people with a different kind of motive.

The developers issued a statement about their participation in the protests. According to the statement, they are against racism, and believes that everyone has a right to live their lives without fear of harassment or being beaten to death, especially by people with “power and authority.”

"We don't just condemn racism. We despise it," the blog post reads. "People, no matter the color of their skin, their gender identity, their sexual preference, their ethnicity, their physical and mental differences, their age, or their religion have a right to live their lives without worrying about being harassed or beaten or killed by others, especially others with power and authority."

Furthermore, the developers believe people should have access to these rights, no matter the color of their skin or their identity.

It is an interesting fact that RTG was founded by a Black man, Mike Pondsmith. Pondsmith is also the brain behind the Cyberpunk RPG — a key factor keeping RTG as one of the top Black-owned companies producing RPG games.

The statement added that Pondsmith will release a more comprehensive blog post that will completely express his ideas on the protests.

As for the game, Cyberpunk 2077 fans who own a Google Stadia are in for bad news. The news was confirmed by CD Projekt in a May 29 press release, Stadia Sourced reported.

"Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on 17 September 2020 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the statement said. "By the end of the year the game will also make its debut on Google Stadia."

According to reports, fans could also know more about the game through the developer’s upcoming “Night City Wire” event, which has been earlier postponed until at least the end of the month. It's one of the most anticipated game for 2020, owing to the popularity of another CD Projekt game, “The Witcher: Wild Hunt.”

“Cyberpunk 2077” is headed towards the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia. A gameplay stream was also supposed to be released but has been delayed to give way for the ongoing protests.

"Cyberpunk 2077," whose exhibit during the E3 Video Game Convention is seen here, is among the games coming to Google Stadia
"Cyberpunk 2077," whose exhibit during the E3 Video Game Convention is seen here, is among the games coming to Google Stadia GETTY IMAGES / Christian Petersen