"Game of Thrones" writer George R.R. Martin has three series in the works with HBO and Cinemax. Pictured: "Game of Thrones" character Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Courtesy/HBO

“Game of Thrones” writer George R.R. Martin is working with HBO and Cinemax to develop three more television shows. The 66-year-old New Jersey-born novelist confirmed the projects in a recent blog post.

“Life is impossibly busy right now,” Martin posted on his Live Journal blog on Wednesday. “I am wrestling with the Son of Kong (that is, working on THE WINDS OF WINTER), trying to wrap up a final round of edits and revisions on the twenty-third Wild Cards book (HIGH STAKES), developing three new series concepts for HBO and Cinemax, hiring writers and directors for three short low-budget films I am hoping to produce based on some classic SF short stories (more on that in the months to come), making my way through the Hugo Packet to prepare to vote, looking forward to opening JURASSIC WORLD at the Cocteay and to hosting a 10-author special event for the release of Steve Stirling's new "Emberverse" anthology, THE CHANGE. In a week's time, we'll be flying off to Europe for long-planned appearances in Germany (Hamburg) and Sweden (Stockholm), en route to Archipelacon on the island of Aland, where I am to be the Guest of Honor...”

As the Hollywood Reporter reported in April, Martin is developing a series with HBO called “Captain Cosmos,” about a science-fiction writer living in 1949. He didn’t comment on the status of the show, but it was reported that it's still in the early stages and wouldn’t be a huge time commitment for Martin, who is still working on “The Winds of Winter” novel.

“Game of Thrones” is based on Martin’s fantasy novel series “A Game of Fire and Ice.” The series premiered on April 17, 2011. The Season 5 “Game of Thrones” finale will air Sunday on HBO.