Better bundle up, “Game of Thrones” fans, because winter is coming. In fact, it’s basically here. Sunday, the epic fantasy series will return for another season full of fire-breathing dragons, deadly white walkers and, of course, more delicious lines delivered by your favorite characters.

But before the HBO show continues the nail-biting drama with its Season 6 premiere April 24, here’s a look back at some of our favorite moments with one of its most interesting characters: Lord Varys (Conleth Hill).

Varys, a member of the small council and unofficial best friend of Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), is a mysterious character who plays a major role in Westeros. He has many spies who feed him pivotal, political information, which makes The Spider a person of power. But it’s what Varys does with his intel that makes him so fascinating to watch. Check out the most interesting riddles and lines from the Masters of Whispers below:

When He Endorsed Tyrion For The Iron Throne

Shae (Sibel Kekilli): “Why do you want me to leave?”

Lord Varys: “Tyrion Lannister is one of the few people alive who could make this country a better place. He has the mind for it, he has the will, he has the right last name. And you — you are a complication.”

When He Highlighted His Strengths

“When I see what desire does to people, what it’s done to this country, I am very glad to have no part in it. Besides, the absence of desire leaves one free to pursue other things.”

When He Gave Tyrion A Chin-Rubbing Riddle

“Power is a curious thing... Three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man. Between them stands a common sellsword. Each great man bids the sellsword kill the other two. Who lives, who dies? ... Power resides where men believe it resides; it’s a trick, a shadow on the wall, and a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”

When He Called Out The Royals

“Why is it always the innocents who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones?”

When He Proved He Was A Survivor

“The storms come and go, the waves crash overhead, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling.”

When He Was Upfront About His Role In The Seven Kingdoms

“I am the master of whisperers. My role is to be sly, obsequious, and without scruples.”

When He Revealed He Was A Feminist

Lord Varys: “The Seven Kingdoms need someone stronger than Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman) but gentler than Stannis (Stephen Dillane). A monarch who could intimidate the High Lords and inspire the people. A ruler loved by millions, with a powerful army, and the right family name.”

Tyrion: “Good luck finding him.”

Lord Varys: “Who said anything about ‘him’?”

When He Gave Us Inspiration (And A New Bumper Sticker Quote!)

“Any fool with a bit of luck can find himself born into power. But earning it for yourself, that takes work.”

When He Proved He Has The Best Comebacks

Tyrion: “Do you know what it's like to stuff your s--- through one of those air holes?”

Lord Varys: “No. I only know what it's like to pick up your s--- and throw it overboard.” 

When He Unveiled Just How Wise He Is

Tyrion: “What is it that you want exactly?”

Lord Varys: “Peace. Prosperity. A land where the powerful do not prey on the powerless.”

Tyrion: “Where the castles are made of gingerbread and the moats are filled with blackberry wine. The powerful have always preyed on the powerless, that's how they became powerful in the first place.”

Lord Varys: “Perhaps. And perhaps we've grown so used to horror we assume there’s no other way.”

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.