“Game of Thrones”
A new “Game of Thrones” fan theory names Jon Snow (Kit Harington) Azor Ahai and suggests he may have a major mission to carry out before the HBO series comes to a close. HBO

There may still be several months until “Game of Thrones” fans return to Westeros, but it’s time to accept an important fact — the wildly popular HBO series is coming to an end and fast.

Little is known about the final seasons — which will be notably shorter than previous ones — but fans of the show have been hard at work guessing what may go down. According to a report from Movie Pilot, one Reddit user may have cracked the code long before Cersei Lannister (Lena Heady) took the Iron Throne in the Season 6 finale. The theory appeared on Reddit nearly three years ago, when the show was still in Season 3, but, as Movie Plot points out, much of it adds up with where the show is now.

The theory, posted by user OneEyedCheshire, names Jon Snow (Kit Harington) the second coming of Azor Ahai, the god to which the red priests and priestesses answer. If this fan prediction holds any weight, Brandon Stark is the original. The Reddit user goes on to suggest that at the end of the show there will be a zombie-laden corner of Westeros in need of saving by the chosen one. As the Azor Ahai prophecy says, the Prince that was Promised will have to forge a special sword, called the Lightbringer, and drive it through the heart of the one he loves to save those around him. The weapon must be forged two times — once by water, once by driving it into the lion’s heart — breaking both times before it pierces Azor Ahai’s beloved. OneEyedChesire speculated that the prophecy could be a metaphor.

The Reddit theory suggests that Winterfell is lightbringer, pointing out that it meets all the criteria. It was tempered by water when it came under siege from House Greyjoy in Season 2. That was, of course, short lived. It was them proverbially driven into the lion’s heart in Season 6, episode 9 when Jon Snow and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) defeated the Bolton’s — who work under the Lannister’s rule — with the small army they built together. OneEyedCheshire’s theory suggests that the final forging will be done in the form of a betrayal.

“No the third forging. I think this leads to the ‘bittersweet’ ending. GRRM [George R.R. Martin] has promised, and Dany’s [Daenerys Targaryen] third betrayal. After Dany makes it to Westeros, I believe J = R + L will be revealed, and Jon and Dany will fall in love. This will be in the middle of the fight against the others,” the Reddit user wrote. “I believe two of Dany’s dragons will have died by this point of the invasion and she will be left with only Drogon = her soul. Dany will be Nissa Nissa [Azor Ahai’s beloved] and Jon Snow must bind her soul (Drogon) to Lightbringer (Winterfell) in order to fight back the Others.”

This isn’t the only theory floating around about how “Game of Thrones” will end. Another theory, released on June 28, suggests that Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) will play an important role in the series finale. According to Uproxx, the Season 6, episode 10 scene showing Samwell looking out over the Citadel library may have provided a major clue. Hanging above the library was an orb-like astrolab chandelier, which can also be seen in the opening credits of “Game of Thrones.” Vanity Fair writer Joanna Robinson has furthered that theory, suggesting that the skewed appearance of the orb in the credits is due to the fact that fans are meant to be viewing it through the lenses of a great maester. This theory is supposedly a visual representation of the idea that the series, based on the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, is a story — which means that at some point, someone has to write it down. Given Samwell’s quest to become a maester, it seems feasible that he or Gilly’s (Hannah Murray) son will be the one to tell the tale.

Much of this complex theory is based off comments made by author George R.R. Martin previously made. The New Jersey native said that his books are his way of paying homage to the “Lord of the Rings” books, written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Like this theory suggests, the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy is written from the perspective of the hero’s best friend, Samwise, who is often compared to Samwell.