When a season of “Game of Thrones” ends, it’s typically in a bloodbath. Season 6's finale was no different, killing off half a dozen major characters. People like Loras and Grand Maester Pycelle had been with the show since the beginning, but viewers had to say goodbye to them in Sunday’s finale. While the actors have left the HBO drama, they certainly haven’t left acting. It seems many of the thespians killed in episode 10 are already working on post-“Thrones” movies and TV shows.

Natalie Dormer — Margaery died in Cersei’s (Lena Headey) attack, but Dormer’s career is quite alive. She has four movies lined up: “In Darkness,” “Official Secrets,” “The God Four” and “Patient Zero.” All are thrillers, a genre the actress enjoys. “Sometimes that’s where the most interesting psychological writing and psychological characterization is,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “It’s often where you can find some really interesting psychological breakdown of human beings. As an audience member it's the kind of movie I enjoy watching very much.”

Finn Jones — Though Loras was broken down and willing to dedicate his life to the Faith before his death, expect Jones’ next character to be much stronger. He’ll play the title role in “Marvel’s Iron Fist” on Netflix, due out next year. The superhero gig came at just the right moment. “I had been on ‘Thrones’ for six years. It was yearly employment,” Jones told Entertainment Weekly. “Now I was at a crossroads and I had to think of what the future is. I was very blessed that something like this has come along at the right moment.”

David Bradley — The Walder Frey actor never seems to be without a job. In August, he’ll return to FX’s “The Strain” as Abraham Setrakian, and later this year, he’ll make a guest appearance on “Medici: Masters of Florence” with fellow “Game of Thrones” victim Richard Madden (Robb Stark).

Dean-Charles Chapman — Tommen committed suicide in the “Game of Thrones” finale, but Dean-Charles Chapman’s career will live on. He is set to play a character named Billy Cooper in “Will,” a miniseries about William Shakespeare’s youth.

Jonathan Pryce — The High Sparrow was also killed in the attack that killed the Tyrells, but Pryce is doing just fine. He is currently filming a short called “One Last Dance,” as well as a TV movie called “To Walk Invisible,” in which he’ll play Patrick Brontë, the father of writers Charlotte and Emily.

Julian Glover — After being stabbed by a bunch of children, Grand Maester Pycelle is dead. It looks like Julian Glover, however, is moving up. His next few characters will rank higher in the political landscape. First, he’ll play Lord Clarence Beaverbrook in the thriller “Gangster Kittens,” due out in December, and then he’ll play Sir Edward in another thriller, “We Still Steal the Old Way.” In addition, the actor also has a fantasy film called “Indifferent” scheduled to come out next year.

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