Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 3 recap
“Game of Thrones” Season 6, episode 3, “Oathbreaker,” focused on Jon Snow’s fate. Pictured: Maisie Williams as Arya Stark. HBO

"Game of Thrones" Season 6, episode 3 went to the very brink of answering one of the biggest mysteries in the history of Westeros. "Oathbreaker" delivered the Tower of Joy, but only teased its aftermath. As for Castle Black, answers about the future of the Night's Watch were revealed.

Warning: Full “Game of Thrones” Season 6 spoilers ahead.

The Changing of the Guard

Ser Davos was the first person to see a revived Jon Snow. Despite being in shock, Jon, the Lord Commander, remembers everything that happened to him. That includes Olly stabbing him in the heart. After Stannis failed to be Azor Ahai, the prince promised by the Lord of Light, Melissandre wants Jon Snow to fulfill that prophecy. Instead of visions of fire or of a beautiful afterlife, darkness was what greeted Jon at the end of his life. There were no revelations, no light at the end of the tunnel or anything that would make life meaningful. It's pretty bleak, but that should be expected from "Game of Thrones."

Ser Davos has really grown as a character. He offers the most levelheaded approach to the entire situation. He continues to be a great moral compass and gives Jon a few words of encouragement to continue his mission as the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

The Night's Watch are unsure how to approach Jon Snow during his first public appearance. Tormund Giantsbane, knows just what to say, which is a very dirty joke. Whereas most groups may not handle seeing someone who was murdered back among the living, it seems like the Night's Watch is handling all of this quite well.

Jon Snow's duties as the Lord Commander include sentencing four traitors to death. Ser Alliser Thorne and Olly are among the Night's Watch to be hanged. There's a moment of hesitation, but Jon swings Longclaw. After their deaths, Jon Snow hands over Castle Black to Dolorous Edd. Jon Snow walks away saying his watch has ended to end "Oathbreaker." It's pivotal moment for Jon, who may be headed south to reclaim the North for House Stark.

The Tower of Joy Happened

Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven are looking on during this pivotal moment in the history of Westeros. Ser Arthur Dayne, one of the greatest knights to ever live, is identified as one of the Targaryen knights guarding the Tower of Joy. A young Ned Stark, joined by Howland Reed, are looking for Lyanna Stark, Ned's sister.

The groups clash, but they are no match for the Sword of the Morning. Ser Arthur is wielding two swords including the greatsword Dawn. It comes down to a duel between Ned and Ser Arthur Dayne, and Lord Stark is losing the battle before he is saved by Howland Reed in a most undignified way. Ned and Howland hear a cry from the Tower of Joy, but the Three-Eyed Raven ends the warging session before the highly anticipated encounter between Ned and Lyanna.

Luckily, it seems like Bran will return to the Tower of Joy before the season ends.

A Sad Return to Winterfell

Jon Umber, an ally of House Stark, died at some point before "Game of Thrones" Season 6, which means his son Smalljon is the new Lord Umber. Smalljon has arrived in Winterfell with a proposal.

Instead of kneeling or keeping with tradition, Lord Umber has a gift for Ramsay Bolton in the form of Rickon Stark and Osha. The duo have not been seen since "Game of Thrones" Season 3. Shaggydog was killed and presented as proof of Rickon's identity.

This is another departure from George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. Rickon, in the novels, is believed to have arrived safely at Skagos, a remote northern island. Jon Umber was captured during the Red Wedding, with Smalljon killed in the aftermath. House Umber has pledged fealty to the Boltons against their will.

It's an interesting departure that could streamline the northern storyline. There's also the possibility that this is all a ploy to infiltrate the Boltons by House Umber in conjunction with other families still loyal to House Stark.

Cersei’s Revenge

Despite being humbled at the end of "Game of Thrones" Season 5, Cersei wants to take out any perceived enemy. Qyburn now commands Lord Varys’ former spies, young children from Flea's Bottom. Cersei asserting power includes her interrupting a meeting of the Small Council, which includes the return of the Queen of Thorns, Ser Kevan Lannister, Maester Pycelle and Mace Tyrell.

King Tommen's threats are deftly deflected by the High Sparrow. What starts out as a tense confrontation becomes a lesson taught by the High Sparrow. Despite attempts to bully or threaten the Faith Militant, the religious group remains a powerful force in King's Landing.

"Oathbreaker" was a very busy episode focused on four major events with some time to advance other storylines. Daenerys arrived in Vaes Dothrak, but she has made it clear she will not stay there long.

Varys has found some answers behind who is bankrolling the Sons of the Harpy. Not surprisingly, it's Yunkai, Astapor and Volantis. Prior to his arrival, there was a great scene involving Tryion's failed attempt to engage Greyworm and Missandei in some light conversation.

Sam is having a rough time as he and Gilly head to Oldtown. Sam will stay at the Citadel in Oldtown, but Gilly can't stay with him. That means there will be a family reunion with House Tarly at Horn Hill.

The waif has some brutal, but effective, training methods. After so many unanswered blows, Arya finally strikes back. During her time with the waif, Arya finally sheds her former life to become no one. With this last step, Arya's vision is finally restored.