Fans still have a long wait ahead of them before "Game of Thrones" Season 6, but a couple thousand of those fans got together at New York Comic Con 2015 to collectively geek out over the HBO fantasy series. Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell), Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell) and Keisha Castle-Hughes (Obara Sand) were on hand to answer questions and tease what's ahead when the show returns in 2016. 

Here are the six most memorable moments from the "Game of Thrones" panel at New York Comic Con 2015:

1. The Unavoidable Jon Snow Question

Did you really think there was a chance the "Game of Thrones" panel was not going to be hijacked by Season 6 Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) speculation? Well, for the most part the three actors steered clear of the hot button issue, but the question, of course, came up a few times. When asked which character they would each most want to work with on screen, Jon Snow's name inevitably came up. Finn Jones tried to set the record straight.

"[Jon Snow is] dead, so you couldn't possibly work with him," Jones told Dormer and Castle-Hughes. However, the statement was brimming with sarcasm. The mystery continues!

2.  A New Beginning For Margaery And Cersei?

Natalie Dormer spoke at length about her character's rocky relationship with Lena Headey's Cersei Lannister, but she also hinted that their dynamic could shift in Season 6 now that they both have beef with the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce).

"Margaery is trying to be Cersei," said Dormer, when asked why Cersei sees the new queen as a threat. "[Margaery] wants to have a child that will sit on the Iron Throne and she's as talented at the politics as Cersei. It's a Cold War."

However, Dormer teased that their rivalry could turn amicable to take on the High Sparrow, who imprisoned Margaery and forced Cersei into her infamous "walk of shame" in Season 5. 

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend...maybe."

3. Walk Of Shame 2.0?

Speaking of Cersei's "walk of shame," Natalie Dormer hinted that the same fate might await Margaery in Season 6. The character has already been falsely imprisoned for adultery by the High Sparrow and it would not be a shock if the High Sparrow gave her the same treatment.

Dormer sent fans into a frenzy when asked if she thought Margaery would able to handle such a trying experience. 

"We are in dangerous territory for the next season f I talk to you about that," the actress teased. 

In a panel that largely dodged anything even resembling spoilers -- Finn Jones would not even answer if Loras Tyrell would ever be seen in combat again -- this was about as juicy as it got at Comic Con. 

4. George R. R. Martin Misses Comic Con

One need only peruse George R. R. Martin's blog for a few minutes to see that the "Song of Ice and Fire" author is a world class geek -- as if the fact that he created the "Game of Thrones" universe was not proof enough -- and for geeks, Comic Con is Shangri-La. However, for Martin, who has become a global superstar, it is probably not so easy for him to wander in the crowds at the giant convention undisturbed. 

Natalie Dormer noted that Martin frequented San Diego Comic Con in its earlier years and recounted how she had first met the author while he was passionately interacting with fans at a "Game of Thrones" panel at a convention in Ireland before the show had even aired -- she estimated that only 20 people were in attendance (how things have changed)! Dormer said that with Martin's trademark look -- hat and suspenders -- he is not able to blend into crowds anymore. "I think he misses just being able to walk around at Comic Con." 

5. Pedro Pascal Is A Super Fan

When a show has been on as long as "Game of Thrones" and is constantly adding characters, it is inevitable that some of the newly casted actors come into the show already devout fans. Apparently, that was the case for Pedro Pascal, who played the ill-fated Oberyn Martell in Season 4. All three actors at the panel gushed about how passionate the Chilean actor was about the show when asked to name the biggest "Thrones" nerd in the cast. 

"Pedro is a such a fan," claimed Dormer. 

The feeling is mutual. Pascal's Oberyn was a fan favorite character and Castle-Hughes was devastated to see him meet his end, admitting she cried like a baby; Castle-Hughes found out she had been cast as Obara Sand, Oberyn's daughter, the day the episode featuring his death aired. 

"That's my Dad," joked Castle-Hughes. 

6. Finn Jones Has A Theory

Finn Jones stole the show at the "Game of Thrones" Comic Con panel with a few laugh-out-loud quips during the hour-long event -- his response to his favorite filmed scene can't be printed here. 

However, the actor's most interesting response came when asked about how the current storylines going into Season 6 are dominated by female characters. "Maybe a woman will sit on the Iron Throne," Jones predicted. Daenerys Targaryen fans rejoiced at the possibility, but Jones also said the Iron Throne might have to go before the series' end. 

"I think they will dissolve the Iron Throne to beat the White Walkers," noting that the throne would provide a reserve of Valyrian steel to fashion White Walker-proof weapons. 

Jones also had the best joke of the night when asked which character he'd like to see Loras Tyrell meet. "I think Loras could turn Jon Snow gay," joked Jones. Now that would be a twist!

"Game of Thrones" Season 6 will air on HBO in 2016.