Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams is pictured at the "Early Man" premiere on Jan. 21, 2018 in Bristol, England. Matt Cardy/Getty Images

“Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams has taken on Westeros, and now she’s entering the tech world. The actress announced her app earlier this year, and Sunday, she revealed that she is counting the days until the August 1 launch.

Daisie will allow creators to connect with each other, serving as a new social and professional networking platform. Those looking for artists can find people to work with, and newcomers can reach out to mentors.

Williams released a video on her YouTube channel, which boasts over 400,000 subscribers, titled “17 Days To Go,” a countdown to the Daisie app’s official launch date. The video follows her during a promo shoot with her business partner Dom Santry, with whom she also runs her film production company, Daisy Chains Productions.

The video is mostly for fun, featuring the two faces of the app answering random questions. The questions likely tie into the app’s “Question Time” feature, which allows users to ask other creatives about their work, i-D reports. Watch the clip below:

The app will kick off with a focus on five specific areas: photography, music, filmmaking, art and fashion. The Daisie website notes that they plan to expand to other areas as they grow, and they’ve already chosen 100 artists that they believe in to start the community.

The biggest difference between Daisie and other apps is the follower count. Daisie will not show followers. Instead, the profiles grow with each collaboration.

“It’s not about a follower count. It’s about a ‘chain’ that you make,” Williams told Sky News earlier this year. “To make a chain you work with other people on the app, you create projects together, and then you have a mutual link. The more chains that you make, the bigger your profile becomes, so it takes it away from lots of people following one person and makes it more about the connections you’re making, which is ultimately what these industries are about.”

The Daisie app will be free with the option to get access to more features for a fee.

Williams is not backing away from acting while venturing into tech. Though she just wrapped filming “Game of Thrones,” the 21-year-old has several movies on her plate, including the X-Men horror film “New Mutants,” due out next year.