When "Gangam Style" exploded onto the Internet, it was clear fans wouldn't limit their appreciation for the epic music video to watching it on a computer. A new video, titled simply "Gangam Style Mom," is evidence of the hit's popularity.

The tribute video to the original "Gangam Stlye" -- which you can watch here -- features a young male dancer performing the same moves PSY does in the original video, only with his mom. The dancer, Mike, moves in almost perfect synchronicity with his mom in what appears to be the family's living room. The video attracted just under 3 million views after being online for only three days.

"My mom will battle your mom," Mike wrote on YouTube. "She is 60 and has some serious natural talent. So ... thank you PSY for bringing me and my mom together through your awesome music."

"If you're still reading this ... show some love to your mom today. Spread some positivity. Have a nice day."

Before "Gangam Style Mom," there was the original song by South Korean singer PSY. The hyper-kinetic video picked up steam as the summer wore on, making its way to 124,000,000 views between July 15 and Sept. 8, a number that will only increase after the video garners attention from major news outlets and tributes like "Gangam Style Mom."

A recent piece in the Atlantic questioned what the underlying, possibly subversive messages in the song could mean.