It's times like these where we have to be thankful for unique individuals like Gary Busey, who was handed a lawsuit after he shoved a woman at an airport while intoxicated.

Busey is like a riddle waiting to be solved, and just when you think you may have figured it out, another riddle is presented.

That is exactly what happened, as a woman named Carla Loeffler filed a suit against Busey citing an incident at the Tulsa airport back in May.

According to the lawsuit, Loeffler said Busey, who had been drinking heavily at an airport bar, cut her in line while boarding the flight and knocked her over. Loeffler, 57, is demanding unspecified damages for the injuries she sustained in the incident.

According to his publicist, Busey is unaware of the incident and said he has never been served a lawsuit.

According to Mr. Busey, this is nothing other than sleazy gossip and a cheap opportunistic attempt to extract some sort of monetary nuisance settlement from a celebrity, by a professional litigant who has a history of filing lawsuits and claiming personal injury, the representative told TMZ on Wednesday.

Gary Busey, who appeared on VH1's Celebrity Rehab in 2008, was severely injured in a motorcycle accident 20 years prior, in 1988. Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy said the injuries Busey sustained in the accident have left him without mental filters which explains some of his rash behavior.

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