Liz and Jake managed to escape from Jim Harvey thanks to Franco, but now that the man she loves has found himself in a life or death situation, Drew may be Liz’s only hope. On the Monday, April 9 episode of “General Hospital,” Liz expresses her concerns for Franco as Drew prepares to go off on his own.

In the promo for the upcoming ABC episode, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) tells Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) that Jim (Greg Evigan ) has tried to kill Franco (Roger Howarth) before and won’t hesitate to try to do it again. Meanwhile, Drew (Billy Miller) stands by looking as if he is conflicted over what he should do.

In the previous episode, Jim attempted to take Liz and Jake (Hudson West) hostage but Franco caught him in the act, and the two began to fight. Liz and Jake managed to escape and ran into Drew and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom).

While Jake stayed with Kevin, Drew and Liz raced back to the garage only to find her parking space empty and no sign of Franco and Jim. As Liz tells her traumatic story to Jordan in the preview, “General Hospital” spoilers reveal Drew will take matters into his own hands. However, it is unclear how he will handle the situation.

Prior to running into Liz, Drew was busy talking to Betsy (Deborah Strang), who revealed what really happened when he and Franco were children. Although Drew knows the truth, viewers are still in the dark about what Betsy revealed, and are unsure how Drew currently feels about Franco now that he has answers.

Drew previously told Jake that he no longer feels hatred towards Franco, but will Betsy’s latest confession change his sentiments?

In the past, Drew managed to save both his and Franco’s life when Jim kidnapped and tried to kill them.The promo also shows someone holding onto a gun inside of a car. Will Drew actually try to save Franco or will the former criminal have to fight for his life all on his own?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.