Julian thought he came up with the perfect plan to get rid of Brad. However for the week of Dec. 2 on “General Hospital,” Julian’s deadly plan may cause him to lose everything he was trying to protect. 

Last week on “General Hospital,” Julian (William deVry) watched Brad (Parry Shen) hand Wiley (Theo and Erik Olson) over to Michael (Chad Duell). Since Julian assumed Lucas (Ryan Carnes) was at work, he assumed his son and grandson were safe.

As a result, Julian cut Brad’s brake line and was confident Brad would be their lives. Despite his plan to save his family, will Julian make a terrible mistake? “GH” spoilers reveal Julian makes a devastating discovery.

Although Julian thought Brad would be the only person affected by the cut brake lines, could Lucas end up being a casualty in his father’s scheme? 

In the previous episode of “General Hospital,” Lucas left the hospital to go home and talk to Brad, who was watching a Christmas movie. Lucas told Brad he was tired of fighting and wanted their marriage to work. However, he said Brad would need to be honest with him.

Lucas insisted that he and Brad could get through any of their problems, but will the truth be too much for Lucas to bear?

Whether Brad shares the truth with Lucas or makes his husband storm out of their home, it appears Lucas’ life will end up in danger. If Wiley’s parents get hurt in a car accident, he may be spending a lot of time with his godfather, Michael.

Viewers are aware that Michael is Wiley’s real father and feels a special connection to the boy. Will Julian’s plan end up exposing the truth about Michael and Wiley?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m, EST on ABC.

General Hospital Julian (William deVry) is done keeping Brad’s (Parry Shen) secret on “General Hospital.” The actors are pictured in a scene from an earlier episode. Photo: ABC