It will be a day of hesitation and disagreements as the residents of Port Charles confess their true feelings. On the Friday, Oct. 5 episode of “General Hospital,” Sam will reflect on her love for Jason while Oscar refuses to be optimistic.

In the promo video for the ABC soap opera, Danny (TK Weaver), asks Jason (Steve Burton) if Sam (Kelly Monaco) loves him. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal Sam is forced to admit her reservations.

In the previous episode, Jason paid his son a surprise visit, where the little boy shared details about the book he made in school about families. He learned that families are people who love each other and is curious to know whether his mother and father love one another.

It appears Sam will step into the conversation to give Danny an answer, but will she give the response Jason is hoping for?

During the earthquake, Sam confessed her love for Jason and eventually ended her marriage to Drew (Billy Miller) because of it. Now that Sam has learned to stand on her own without either of the men by her side, will she have second thoughts regarding how she truly feels about Jason?

In the ABC Promo video, Oscar (Garren Stitt) tells Drew and Kim (Tamara Braun) he doesn’t want to go back to school. “GH” spoilers reveal Kim confronts Oscar.

Since learning about his diagnosis, Oscar has been giving Kim the silent treatment. Worried about their son, she confided in Drew and revealed that Oscar left the house without saying goodbye to her for the first time.

Drew was sure the teen would eventually come around and Kim revealed she wouldn’t give up on him. The parents went to see Monica (Leslie Charleson), who promised to help Oscar and look into other trials that could extend his life.

However, instead of thinking about his future, Oscar already came to the conclusion he wouldn’t have one. After Drew learned his son skipped school, he confronted the teen and encouraged him to keep up his good grades so he can go to college.

Due to his diagnosis, Oscar stated he wouldn’t make it to college and announced he was dropping out. Will Kim be able to convince her son to finish school or will Oscar continue to push his parents away?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.