Oscar has remained determined to follow through with his lawsuit against Drew and Kim, but on the Monday, Nov. 19 episode of “General Hospital,” Monica will have an honest conversation with her grandson while Sam shares a special moment with Julian.

In the promo video for the ABC soap opera, Monica (Leslie Charleson) asks Oscar (Garren Stitt) if he would like to know what he is up against. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal Monica spends the day with Oscar.

Monica will plan to give Oscar the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be an adult by sharing her battle with cancer. Although the teen believes he is ready to make adult decisions about his life, could Monica convince him to reconsider his emancipation?

Elsewhere in the ABC preview, Kim (Tamara Braun) tells Drew (Billy Miller) that he may be willing to give up, but she is not. Spoilers for the daytime series reveal Drew alienates Kim.

Kim has been determined to get Oscar to drop his lawsuit, and it appears Drew will think she has taken things too far. When Drew learned Kim planned to ask Josslyn (Eden McCoy) to manipulate Oscar into changing his mind about the trial, he believed the teen would feel betrayed by his parents.

Will Drew chose to support Oscar’s case and leave Kim to fight for their son on her own?

In the promo video, Sam (Kelly Monaco) asks Julian (William deVry) if he is actually going to respect certain boundaries. The “GH” synopsis reveals Julian impresses Sam

Julian has been eager to turn his life around and build a relationship with his children, no matter how resistant they have been to accept he has changed. Julian has been working on getting closer to Lucas (Ryan Carnes), but it has been difficult since one of the conditions of Wiley’s adoption is to keep the baby far away from the Jerome mobster.

Sam has shown no interest in getting closer to Julian or allowing him into her and her children’s lives, but will his decision to honor the terms of Wiley’s adoption make her have a change of heart?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.