It will be a day of emotions and tough decisions as the residents of Port Charles face the ones they have been pushing away. On the Tuesday, Oct. 16 episode of “General Hospital,” Monica will receive a surprise visit from Jason while Drew tries to protect Sam from being hurt.

In the promo for the ABC soap opera, Jason (Steve Burton) asks Monica (Leslie Charleson) how he can take care of her. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal Jason seeks Monica’s help.

When Sam (Kelly Monaco) learned Oscar (Garren Stitt) was dying of cancer, she told Jason he should start spending more time with his family, and it appears he finally took her advice.

Although Jason cares for Monica, he hasn’t necessarily been the perfect son since he returned to Port Charles, but it seems he’s ready to work on his relationship with his mother. From the looks of the “GH” promo video, Monica looks surprised to see her son show his sentimental side.

Will Jason be able to strengthen his relationship with Monica or will she be too focused on Oscar’s diagnosis to take him up on his offer?

Elsewhere in the ABC promo video, Sam tells Drew (Billy Miller) she will be there for whatever he needs. In the previous episode, Drew asked Franco (Roger Howarth) a hypothetical question about his current situation.

He wanted to know what Franco would do if he learned there was an opportunity to restore his memories, but getting the flash drive would mean giving up information that would put Jason and Sonny (Maurice Benard) behind bars for a long time.

Realizing the question may be more than just hypothetical, Franco told Drew to consider the consequences of sending the men to prison and realize that Sam would also get hurt.

Drew has been contemplating whether to agree to Margaux’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) deal that would give him the flash drive, but only if he would use Jason’s memories to link his twin and Sonny to past crimes. Even though doing so would give him answers to his past, he would also destroy several lives in the process.

Will Drew warn Sam to stay away from Jason in order to save her from heartbreak or will he tell her the truth about Margaux’s ultimatum?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.