Although the earthquake made Sam finally confess her love to Jason, her plan to tell Drew the truth has been delayed due to his mysterious disappearance. On the Friday, March 16 episode of “General Hospital,” Sam’s realization that her husband could be in serious danger may force her to reconsider her feelings for Jason.

In the promo for the upcoming episode of “GH,” Sam (Kelly Monaco) is seen telling Liz (Rebecca Herbst) she will take Franco (Roger Howarth) out if he did anything to Drew.

In the previous episode, Sam told Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) that she confessed her love to Jason after the earthquake.

Her mother wasn’t too pleased with the news and reminded Sam that anytime she is involved with Jason she ends up in a dangerous situation. She also insisted Sam consider the fact that she now has two kids to think of who can’t be put in harm’s way.

Overwhelmed by her feelings, and her failed attempts to reach Drew, Sam tracked down Liz. Sam demanded to know where Franco was because he and Drew had been working together. Little do they know, the men are trapped in the basement of one of Jim’s (Greg Evigan) buildings.

The shady contractor had his goons knock the two men out and trapped them in a deserted building after they threatened to reveal the truth about the past. Although Jim hasn’t decided exactly what he plans to do with the men, he ordered his team to seal off the building.

While Sam and Liz may be able to piece together that Jim is responsible for the men’s disappearance, there is no guarantee they will be able to rescue Drew and Franco.

When Sam finally does reunite with Drew, she may not be eager to share the truth about her declaration of love to Jason so soon after Drew’s life was in danger.

Thinking about her feelings for another man while her husband was fighting for his life may overwhelm Sam, and cause her to feel guilt and regret for considering a life with Jason.

Will Sam regret confessing her love for Jason once she comes face to face with Drew or will she follow through with her plan to tell the truth?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.