General Hospital
Jordan (Briana Henry) suspects Curtis (Donnell Turner) to illegal measures to save her life on “General Hospital.” The actors are pictured in a scene from a previous episode. ABC

Jordan is grateful to be alive but continues to question why Ryan agreed to donate his kidney to her. On the Monday, June 17 episode of “General Hospital,” Jordan will attempt to gather more information about the serial killer as Josslyn tries to deal with Oscar’s death.

In the promo video for the ABC soap opera, Jordan (Briana Henry) asks Finn (Michael Easton) how Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) is doing. “General Hospital” spoilers suggest Jordan will remain suspicious about whether the serial killer agreed to donate his kidney.

Jordan suspects Curtis (Donnell Turner) convinced Finn, Kevin and several others to help him forge Ryan’s signature on the donation documents. Although Jordan doesn’t seem interested in turning the group into the PCPD, she wants answers.

On Monday, she will ask Finn to give her an update on Ryan, but that’s not the only answer she is after. Jordan will put her police skills to work and try to get Finn to tell her the truth about her kidney transplant. Will he tell her the truth about Curtis’ plan or will she be forced to seek answers elsewhere?

In the promo video for the ABC daytime series, Trina (Sydney Mikayla) tells Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and Cameron (William Lipton) she thinks they should try to contact Oscar (Garren Stitt).

Josslyn has been struggling to deal with Oscar’s death and believes she’ll be able to move forward after she speaks to him one last. The teen will gather her friends and pitch her idea to do a séance to communicate with her dead boyfriend.

Although Josslyn will have the support of her friends, will she be able to contact Oscar and move on, or will she remain stuck in the past?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.