It’s no secret that Nelle has made quite a few enemies in Port Charles and it appears they aren’t going to stand by while she tries to ruin Carly’s life. On the Thursday, June 7 episode of “General Hospital,” Lulu makes a vow while Carly loses her cool in court.

Spoilers for the ABC soap opera reveal Lulu (Emme Rylan) makes a promise. In the “General Hospital” promo, Lulu tells Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) she doesn’t believe a word that comes out of Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) mouth.

From the looks of the preview, it appears Lulu, who has been using her job as a journalist to uncover lies and expose the truth, will be putting her new investigative skills to work.

Several people in Port Charles want to see Nelle pay and seeing as Carly (Laura Wright) and Lulu are family, the writer may be willing to dig up some dirt on the sneaky young woman. Will Lulu find enough evidence to prove Carly’s innocence?

“General Hospital” spoilers reveal Josslyn (Eden McCoy) is on the defense. In the promo for the ABC soap, the state calls her to the stand to testify against her mother.

Josslyn was furious at her mom during Nelle’s baby shower and appeared to take the pregnant woman’s side when she accused Carly of pushing her down the stairs.

Over the past few months, Nelle was able to form a bond with Josslyn and manipulate her into thinking she was actually a good person. Will Josslyn’s testimony hurt Carly’s case or will the teen surprise everyone and defend her mother in court?

Elsewhere in the promo, Carly yells at Nelle and blames her for everything that has happened. While it is unclear whether the court is in session or if everyone is out for recess, it would be in Carly’s best interest to remain calm in front of the judge.

Carly already promised Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) she would be on her best behavior in court but the mere sight of Nelle seems to set her off. Will Carly ruin her chances at freedom with her erratic outburst?

Over at the Metro Court, Ava (Maura West) is seen meeting with Griffin (Matt Cohen) in the promo. “GH” spoilers reveal Ava relays what she saw.

At Nelle’s baby shower, Ava went upstairs and grabbed the baby blanket Nelle and Carly were fighting over, which resulted in Nelle falling down the stairs.

However, since the blanket was never found by authorities, they didn’t believe Carly when she said Nelle’s fall was an accident.

Will Ava reveal she has the baby blanket that can prove Carly’s innocence or will she continue to use the item to keep blackmailing Nelle?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.