It will be a day of tough decision for the residents of Port Charles as they consider how far they are willing to go to save the ones they love. On the Monday, July 16 episode of “General Hospital,” Michael will have to make a decision about his plan to bring down Nelle.

In the promo video for the ABC episode, Michael (Chad Duell) and Nelle (Chloe Lanier) are surprised by an unexpected wedding guest when Carly (Laura Wright) shows up to share how she really feels about the potential union.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Ned (Wally Kurth) asks the guests to speak now or forever hold their peace. Carly then walks in and tells Michael he cannot marry Nelle because she is dangerous and deadly. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal Michael is torn.

Since Michael is the one who brought Nelle into the picture, he feels responsible for turning the lives of his family members upside. He believes he must make things right and expose Nelle for who she really is in order to get Carly out of Ferncliff.

However, it doesn’t help that Carly attacked a nurse and broke out of the institution for the criminally insane just to plead with her son not to marry Nelle. With his mother breaking out of custody just to save him from making a major mistake, will Michael actually call off his wedding to Nelle?

Carly’s wedding interruption may not be the only reason Michael feels torn. In the previous episode, Chase (Josh Swickard) showed up to Nelle’s room at the Metro Court and begged her not to go through with her wedding.

He once again professed his love to her and this time decided to seal it with a kiss. Nelle actually seemed into it until Josslyn walked into the room, prompting Nelle to claim Chase was attacking her. The teen seemed to believe her future sister-in-law at the time, but it looks like she doesn’t plan on keeping the incident to herself.

“GH” spoilers reveal Josslyn (Eden McCoy) comes clean. Even though Josslyn has bonded with Nelle, Michael is her family and she wants to give her big brother a heads up about who he is about to marry. Will Josslyn’s confession make Michael feel compelled to tell his little sister what he is really up to, or will he continue to keep the teen in the dark about his dangerous plan?

While chaos ensues, Chase appears to simply stand by, much to Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) dismay. In the ABC promo video, Chase explains that anything he does to break procedure will only make things worse.

Spoilers reveal Sonny expresses his frustrations. Not only has his wife broken out of custody, but his son is putting his life in danger to save their family, and there is nothing he can do about it. While Sonny is upset that the one authority present refuses to publicly get involved with the current situation, all the mob boss can do is stand by and react.

In this case, Michael should hope his father expresses his anger verbally because Sonny has been known to destroy a few things during his rages. Will Michael and Nelle’s wedding be a casualty in Sonny’s latest outburst?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.