Sam has had a major revelation now that she knows Drew doesn’t have to risk his life just to recover his memories, but as a result of her epiphany, she ends up putting Jason in an uncomfortable situation. On the Thursday, May 31 episode of “General Hospital,” Sam turns to Jason to save someone who isn’t looking to be rescued.

In the promo for the ABC soap opera, Sam (Kelly Monaco) tells Jason (Steve Burton) she wants him to help her break Peter (Wes Ramsey) out of custody. In the previous episode, Drew (Billy Miller) went to visit Peter in jail where his former employee offered him the opportunity to get his life back for a price.

Peter reminded Drew he still had the flash drive with all of his memories. Peter explained that the flash drive would allow Andre (Anthony Montgomery) to safely perform the procedure to erase Jason’s memories and restore Drew’s past.

He then suggested Drew break him out of jail in exchange for the flash drive. However, Peter let it slip that he has been in possession of Drew’s memories since Christmas, which angered Drew.

Rather than allowing Peter to once again control his life, Drew left Peter in his cell insisting he would get Andre to perform the procedure without his memories.

Sam later learned Drew planned to go through with the procedure to erase Jason’s memories from his mind. However, Peter informed her the procedure wouldn’t be a success unless he had something to fill the spot of Jason’s memories.

With Peter claiming he will hand over the flash drive holding Drew’s past, Sam is eager to save the father of her daughter from going through a procedure that could end his life. Although Sam ran to Jason for help, he may not want anything to do with her rescue mission.

Prior to Sam’s arrival, Kim (Tamara Braun) pleaded with Jason to talk Drew out of going through with the surgery, but Jason admitted he understood Drew’s desire to get rid of a life that wasn’t his.

In the promo for the upcoming episode of “General Hospital,” Andre is seen asking Drew if he has reconsidered the procedure but he appears unsure of his decision.

Will Drew go through with his original plan or will Sam convince Jason to save his brother from a deadly fate?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.