“General Hospital” shocked fans of one of the most popular couples on the ABC drama. Julian and Alexis entered into marital bliss in February, but in the world of soap operas, that can’t last long. It was revealed that Julian stayed in the mob and is still a killer, despite promises he made to his new wife. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn defended the bold choice.

“Yes, to pull the rug out from under Julexis is a very risky move,” Grahn admitted to TV Insider. “But no risk, no gain. And you can’t say this isn’t interesting. The next few weeks are wild. We’re going places I never would have imagined.”

Where exactly the storyline is headed, Grahn wouldn’t say. However, she understands the outrage of fans who were blindsided by Julian’s loyalties. “We all believed Julian,” she said. “There was enough evidence in the writing of their relationship that this guy had truly changed and that his love for Alexis was genuine, authentic, trustable. I do not believe any of that was a lie, which is what makes this new direction even more shocking and interesting to me.”

Even William deVry, who plays Julian, didn’t think his character would return to his crime roots. When Julian said he’d left the mob before his wedding, deVry believed it. “I think Julian is done with the mob and that they plan to keep him in publishing and figure out a way to make that work ... with some zigzags along the way,” the actor told TV Insider in January.

This is certainly a bigger “zigzag” than audiences were expecting. Check out some of their reactions to the latest twist:

DeVry attempted to calm fans on Twitter:

Grahn has a little advice for concerned viewers, too. “Have a couple of cocktails,” she said, laughing. “And try to stay calm. You’re not alone. Hang on. Don’t abandon ship. If we eventually have to throw Julian overboard, so be it. It’s women and children first! I do not intend to die on the Titanic.”

“General Hospital” airs on ABC weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT.