"GH" Michael Easton
Michael Easton will return to "General Hospital" later this month. Easton is pictured at a Playboy and A&E event in San Diego, California, on July 25, 2014. Getty Images

Michael Easton is on his way back to Port Charles. The actor’s fifth stint on “General Hospital” was announced last month, and a new promo video reveals exactly when viewers can expect him on the ABC soap opera.

The trailer doesn’t reveal any new footage. Instead it shows various cast members celebrating while Andy Grammar’s song “Good to Be Alive” plays. “GH welcomes Michael Easton back to the party,” the voiceover says. The video reveals that he’ll be back on Monday, March 21.

“VERY NICE OF THEM TO INVITE ME TO THEIR PARTY...Can't even blame them for locking up all the top shelf booze before I got there,” Easton joked when he posted the video to his Facebook page.

That explains when he’ll be back, but it still doesn’t reveal who he will be playing. Easton started on “Port Charles,” a “GH” spinoff, as vampire Caleb Morley. Then he moved to “One Life to Live” where he played John McBain for a decade. When “OLTL” was canceled, John moved over to “General Hospital.” Then Easton pulled double-duty when John’s lookalike Caleb (now known as Stephen Clay) returned to Port Charles. After both John and Stephen were written out, Easton started playing Dr. Silas Clay, Stephen’s brother.

It still isn’t clear how Easton’s appearance will be explained, but as previously reported, ABC executive Nathan Varni said on Facebook that Easton was set to play “an exciting new character.” Soap Opera Digest (via TVLine) reports that he’ll be a doctor again.

Easton could be in scenes with some of the cast memebers that his former characters have loved. In the promo video, Easton is seen with Kelly Monaco, who played love interests for both Caleb and Silas. Emme Rylan is with them as well, but with “General Hospital” keeping spoilers under lock and key, it’s hard to say if either actress actually has anything to do with his storyline.

Michael Easton returns to “General Hospital” on Monday, March 21 on ABC. Check your local listings for times.