• "Genshin Impact" 1.4 recently launch the Childe character banner
  • The game's 1.5 version is currently on beta test
  • New leaks from the game's beta reveal that the game is getting a housing system

The most requested and highly anticipated housing system in "Genshin Impact" may finally launch in the hit open-world RPG.

"Genshin Impact" insider Project Celestia recently shared on Twitter how the rumored housing system works in the game. According to the leak, the new feature would be launched in update 1.5 and would be called the Homeworld system. The insider claimed that the details shared on the leak came from players who participate in the game's 1.5 Beta.

The housing system of "Genshin Impact" will enable players to collect and craft different items. Based on the leak, the Homeworld system will depend on a new gadget called the Serenitea Pot. This will allow players to visit their very own Homeworld Domain. Unlocking the pot enables players to collect wood and other essential items around Teyvat.

An overlook view of Monstadt, the City of Freedom, Genshin Impact
An overlook view of Monstadt, the City of Freedom, in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact

Players can farm trees for different kinds of woods based on the trees they cut down. Available woods include Fir Wood, Fragrant Cedar Wood, Birch Wood Cuihya Wood, Bamboo Segments, Sandbearer Wood and Pine Wood. From these, they can then craft different kinds of home furnishings.

Additionally, players receive a new type of in-game money called Realm Currency for decorating their homes. Each time players craft and place furnishings in their Homeworld Domain, the Adeptal Energy rank of the Serenitea Pot increases. This will help them accumulate the Realm Currency much faster.

Realm Currency is used in Realm Depot to buy more furniture. This new currency can be used at the new Realm Depot to purchase more housing items and furniture. Apart from this, miHoYo will reportedly introduce a new NPC in "Genshin Impact" 1.5 in the form of a special merchant called the Teapot Traveling Salesman.

The said character sells exclusive goods in-game. Players having a hard time finding him could simply visit their friend's Homeworld. Apparently, players can leave their Homeworld Domain using the in-game map to teleport.

The game's housing system has been teased by the devs long before the game was officially released. While it is worth noting that these are not official details, a new housing system will definitely please a lot of fans. As for its release date, it is anticipated to launch alongside update 1.5, which might roll out on April 27.