• "Genshin Impact" will receive new content every six weeks, miHoYo said earlier
  • Update 1.4 is scheduled to launch on March 17
  • "Genshin Impact" update 1.5 could release on April 28

"Genshin Impact" Update 1.4 is just a few hours away. While some fans are preparing to pull Wishes on Venti, a new leak seemingly confirms the two new playable characters coming to the game in Update 1.5.

Reliable industry insider AaEntropy shared on Twitter that "Genshin Impact" 1.5 will launch two new characters. This includes the Cryo Vision, Claymore wielder from Mondstandt Eula and the Pyro Vision, Catalyst user from Liyue Harbor Feiyan. According to the insider, these details were data mined from the "Genshin Impact" 1.5 beta Chinese preload.

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The insider also claims that Feiyan is one of the characters in the game files since 2020 but has no model until now. She is anticipated as a 4-star character with a knack for using explosive seals in combats. AaEntropy also assures fans that more "non-speculative" information would be available in the next few days since the beta just started.

Meanwhile, industry insider zluet earlier leaked information about Eula. Apparently, she is a five-star Cryo Claymore that could be used as a Physical DPS in "Genshin Impact." It appears that Eula is still at the very early stage of production. When compared to Feiyan, the insider claims that the latter has a much higher completion rate.

Aside from Eula, zluet also mentioned Shenhe as another playable character arriving soon in "Genshin Impact." She is reportedly a five-star Cryo Vison character, much like Feiyan. Shenhe was leaked last year and was initially thought of as a Cryo Claymore user. According to the insider, Shenhe might release as a Cryo DPS.

Unfortunately, unlike Eula and Feiyan, both insiders have no idea as to when Shenhe would arrive in "Genshin Impact." Since the closed beta of "Genshin Impact" has just started, insiders could provide more information in the coming days. But, since these are leaks, fans should temper their expectations and treat this new information with a hefty amount of skepticism.

"Genshin Impact" 1.4 launches on March 17, which could mean Update 1.5 could arrive on April 28.