• "Genshin Impact" recently received its first major update
  • The update introduced a new item called Crown of Sagehood
  • Players should learn how to use and where to obtain this item to take advantage of it

The Crown of Sagehood is an extremely rare and powerful new Ascencion material in "Genshin Impact." It has been in the Event Shop since update 1.1's launch but only became available recently. For players wondering what the Crown of Sagehood is and how to obtain it, these tips and tricks could come in handy.

How To Get The Crown Of Sagehood

The Crown of Sagehood is available in the game's Event Shop. The only way to acquire this new Ascencion material is to purchase it from the Unreconciled Stars shop. Players need to shell out 110 Fading Star's Essence to buy it. miHoYo has not yet revealed if the item would only be available throughout the event.

However, it looks like it would be made periodically available in the game probably through special promotions and events. The Crown of Sagehood is a special regal item to bump any Talent up to Level 10. Essentially, players would need at least several Crown of Sagehood for every character. Given the rarity of the item, it is important for players to purchase as much as allowed while it is still available.

Additionally, the item is currently marked as a Limited Item in the game's Event Shop. It means that players could not use all of their Fading Star's Essence to purchase the Crown of Sagehood as much as they can. It is highly likely that there is a 3 to 5 maximum Crown purchase limit per player.

How To Get Fading Star’s Essence

For players who want to get at least three Crown of Sagehood, they would need 330 Fading Star's Essence. While it does look a lot, Fading Star's Essence is available in various resources. There are event quests like the Unlimited Opportunity, A Mysterious Loss and Trouble with Letters that players could complete to receive this as a reward.

"Genshin Impact" is one of the unexpected games that attracted a lot of gamers this year. It is now available on various gaming platforms, including PC, PS4, iOS and Android devides. The hit gacha game is also in the works for the hybrid gaming console Nintendo Switch.