• The Gentry of Hermitage is now live in "Genshin Impact"
  • The latest banner also features Xinyan, Razor and Chongyun
  • Many players are wondering if the latest banner is worth spending Wishes on

The Gentry of Hermitage, also known as Zhongli banner, is now live in "Genshin Impact." Like all other special banner events, it makes players wonder if it's really worth spending Wishes on.

Here are some important details about the Zhongli banner that could help players decide.

The Gentry of Hermitage Characters

The latest banner in "Genshin Impact" features the 5-star Geo character Zhongli. Aside from him, players could also pull Xinyan, Razor and Chongyun. Being the banner's feature character, Vago Mundo or Zhongli is the most powerful. When he reaches Constellation 2, his ability is upgraded and he transforms into an all-around DPS and supporter of the party.

His Elemental Burst allows him to stop and defeat a crowd of monsters. That's not all; it also enables him to summon a meteor from the sky causing AOE damage to hit enemies. Essentially, Zhongli is a wide-ranged attacker with overwhelming damage output.

Another character included in the Gentry of Hermitage banner in the game is the powerful Pyro DPS Xinyan. She is Liyue's rockstar, who could offer support to party mates through her shield. Diluc outclasses her in terms of DPS, but she has a lot of Utility use, like inflicting Pyro Elemental support to opponents.

In addition to Xinyan, players could also pull Razor in the latest Gentry of Hermitage banner in the game. As a strong DPS Electro, his Elemental Burst allows him to summon a spirit wolf that boosts his attacks' speed and intensity. Razor could also offer support to other characters but he works well when used as a DPS.

Chongyun is another character available in the latest banner of the hit gacha game. He is a cryo claymore user that could be used as a support and as a DPS. His Elemental Skill summons an area that imbues all melee attacks by Cryo.

What Are The Odds?

Like all "Genshin Impact" banners, players are not guaranteed to pull Zhongli immediately. Thankfully, the game features a mercy system that guarantees players Zhongli after a number of pulls. In this event, players have a 50% chance of pulling Vago Mundo on the 90th pull. If it is not Zhongli, the next 90th pull is 100% guaranteed to be Zhongli. The game also carries over the player's progress from the previous event.

The Zhongli banner starts at 6 p.m. on Dec. 1 ET and ends at 3 p.m. ET on Dec. 22.