George Huguely
George Huguely was found guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny in the 2010 murder of Yeardley Love. Reuters

George Huguely, the University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Yeardley Love, had his life in the hands of the jury Wednesday morning. The jurors spent the morning without reaching a verdict.

Declining to take a break, the five women and seven men that made up the jury had lunch delivered to their room while they reanalyzed evidence. The bedroom door of Yeardley Love's that featured a hole in it was brought to the room, along with a TV monitor that ABC suspects was used to view George Huguely's statement to the police.

The UVA lacrosse player faces six charges, including first-degree murder for the death of Yeardley Love. Huguely, 24, pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

George Huguely reportedly sent Love a threatening e-mail before she died in May 2010, saying, I should have killed you. On the night of May 2, an intoxicated Huguely kicked down Love's door. The lacrosse player then proceeded to shake and bang her head against the wall before taking her computer and leaving her face down in a pillow of her blood.

In the video of Huguely's police interrogation, the 24-year-old said that he may have shaken Love, but she repeatedly banged her own head on the bedroom wall. He also denies grabbing her by the neck or punching her.

Huguely's defense attorney, Francis McQ. Lawrence, is fighting for involuntary manslaughter for his client, stating that he had no intent to kill Love. Lawrence is trying to have the jury picture Yeardley Love's death from a different angle. The lawyer believes that the combination of Adderall and alcohol in her system could have led to her death.

If convicted of first-degree murder, George Huguely could face life in prison. Jurors may consider a lesser charge of manslaughter and second-degree murder.