George Huguely
George Huguely was found guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny in the 2010 murder of Yeardley Love. Reuters

The murder trial of George Huguely is moving forward in Charlottesville, Va. Huguely has been accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Yeardley Love in 2010.

A medical examiner in the Huguely murder trial testified yesterday that Yeardley Love could have survived if someone would have called for help. Love, 22, had suffered a brutal beating, but died slowly over the course if two hours while face down on her bed.

Huguely,24, reportedly broke down the door to Love's apartment at in May of 2010. The University of Virginia lacrosse player then proceeded to slam his ex-girlfriends head into a wall. Huguely then left Love with her face down on her bed.

Medical experts on Tuesday used an extensive show-and-tell to demonstrate that Love's death was a result of her head whipping violently.

An examination on her brain by a neuropathologist showed that it had been twisted one way, then the other way with sudden acceleration and deceleration. None of these experts could confirm if the damage was done from a punch, fall, shake or something else.

The Washington Post reported that on Monday, a medical examiner also claimed that a single fall or impact could not have been responsible for Love's bruises and cuts.

T-shirts, cargo shorts, and a shower curtain have all been taken into court to lay out evidence of Huguely's connection to Love's death.

George Huguely's lawyers are trying to blame Yeardley Love's death on alcohol and Adderall. At the time of her death she had Adderall in her system, as well as a blood alcohol level of .14. Love had a prescription for the attention deficit disorder drug.

CBS News reports that experts at the trial have stated that the Adderall and alcohol in Love's system were not at lethal levels.

George Huguely's argument is that he never intended to kill, and that the death of Yeardley Love is a tragic accident.

He has pleaded not guilty to murder and five other charges in the death of Yeardley Love.