George Michael died Christmas Day from heart failure aged 53, leaving behind his legacy of music and his turbulent personal life. The British pop star came out as gay in a 1998 CNN interview, but there were numerous rumors that surfaced about a link-up with Princess Diana.

Michael's childhood friend Andros Georgiou revealed in 2012 that the singer was delighted when he met Princess Diana and the two reportedly got into a flirtatious relationship, the Sun reported.

Michael was "very fond of Diana and she was soft on him, maybe too much so. So there I was. Left standing there like a lemon," Georgiou reportedly said at the time.

Meanwhile, Dickie Arbiter in his memoir of his 12 years in the British Royal Household, revealed that Diana came close to accidentally revealing that Michael was gay before he publicly came out. 

According to a former royal aide’s autobiography "On Duty With The Queen" Diana reportedly told a guest at a reception in 1992: “Isn’t it a shame he [Michael] doesn’t like the ladies?” However, she ended the discussion about Michael when she realized that her son Prince Harry - who was eight years old at the time - was sitting next to them.

Michael, who was never married, faced several ups and downs in his personal life. The "Careless Whisper" singer's most recent link-up was with Fadi Fawaz - a celebrity hairdresser - with whom he was spotted in Switzerland in September 2015.

Michael's long-term relationship was with Kenny Goss, a Texas-born businessman, for 13 years and ended in 2011. In the 1990s, Michael was in a relationship with Anselmo Feleppa, a Brazilian dress designer.