The Washington County Sheriff's Office on Sunday (April 19) charged a Georgia man with multiple counts of animal cruelty after the officers found a dog tied to a post shot dead. The officials also found several other dead animals inside the house.

According to the sheriff’s office the man, identified as 39-year-old Chico McLoon, allegedly shot and killed a dog that was leashed to a post. The arrest comes following an investigation that started in November.

The deputies accompanied by the animal control officials executed a search warrant at a home at Harrison-Pringle Road last year after receiving a complaint.

The responding officers found a dog tied to a post brutally shot dead. Deputies on a further search inside the house were shocked to find more dead animals. They also found malnourished and neglected dogs and several other animals.

No additional information was available as to what animals other than the dogs were found dead or confiscated from the house. Following the search, the deputies also found and confiscated the gun believed to have been used to shoot the dog.

Based on the investigation, his wife, 36-year-old Tanya McLoon, was arrested last year for charges of animal cruelty and aggravated cruelty to animals.

A detailed investigation into the case led to Mcloon’s arrest. He was charged with criminal trespass, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, cruelty to animals, and three counts of aggravated cruelty to animals.

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In a similar incident reported in Franklin County, Kentucky, a man suspected of running a breeding or dog fighting business was charged on Tuesday (April 21) with 38 counts of second-degree cruelty to animals after officials confiscated dozens of pit bulls living in gruesome condition from his home.

According to the officials, the dogs lived in awful conditions and had minimal shelter. They noticed that none of them were fed or had clean water to drink. All the dogs were restrained in one way or the other; while some were kept in cages the others were chained to immovable objects. David Allen Jackson, 45, was charged with Class A misdemeanors with a maximum sentence of 12 months in jail.