Chris O’Dowd as Miles
While Miles starts living his dream as a legit film producer in Season 1, episode 4 of “Get Shorty,” people around him feels disgruntled with the recent decisions they made. Epix

Miles’ (Chris O’Dowd) new job as a movie producer gets realer in Season 1, episode 4 of “Get Shorty.”

According to the synopsis for the next episode of the Epix series, Miles’ Hollywood producer façade becomes more legitimate after getting Rick (Ray Romano), April (Megan Stevenson) and Gravity Pictures all on board in producing the period film, “The Admiral’s Mistress.” While Miles seems to be living his dream, people around him are unhappy with the recent decisions they made.

Louis (Sean Bridgers) feels left out, which isn’t surprising given his lack of interest in films. In the early part of the Season 1 episode 2, Louis made it clear that he had no plans to accompany Miles in Los Angeles. Louis, who had just put up the down payment for his dream condo unit, told his partner that he’s totally fine to spend the rest of his life in Pahrump, Nevada, because he considers the town his home. But when Louis found out that the noise from the highway can actually be heard in his new place, and realized that staying in Pahrump forever might not be good for him, Louis ultimately decided to go with Miles to Los Angeles.

But now that Louis feels out of place, will he leave Miles and go back to Pahrump? Or will he look for ways to become more involved in making the film?

Meanwhile, April feels duped, which is totally understandable after Miles and Louis blackmailed her into convincing her boss at Gravity Pictures to produce the film. In Season 1, episode 3, Louis broke into April’s computer at her place and found a photo of her dressed as Oprah Winfrey at a Halloween costume party in Ontario seven years ago. Miles then met with April at a coffee shop and told her that he’s not going to release the photo to the public unless she got her studio produce the movie for $30 million. Worried that the photo would end her career, April did her thing and managed to convince her boss to produce the film.

But will April just let the blackmailing pass? Or will she find a way to settle the score?

Lastly, Rick feels uneasy as he confronts the truth about his business deal with Amara (Lidia Porto). Although he’s aware that there’s something shady about how Amara runs her business, Rick still decided to move forward with the project because he needs money. But will Rick change his mind when he learns that Amara plans to launder money through the film?

“Get Shorty” Season 1, episode 4, titled “From Stamos With Love,” airs on Sunday, Sept. 3 at 10 p.m. EDT on Epix.