Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for helping sex offender Jeffrey Epstein abuse underage girls, was moved on Friday from a Brooklyn federal jail to the Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee, Florida.

FCI Tallahassee is a low-security prison, managed by the Federal Bureau of Prison. The Associated Press cited the Zoukis Consulting Group in noting that the prison allows an array of recreational activities including yoga, Pilates, movies, painting, team sports, arts and ceramics, and a $360 a month commissary allowance.

The prison has 821 male and female inmates, according to its website. Maria Butina, a Russian woman who was convicted in 2018 of acting as an unregistered foreign agent, is a former inmate of FCI Tallahassee.

The prison does not have harsh restrictions for sex offenders. "Sex offenders can walk the yard," one inmate told the Zoukis Consulting Group.

"Everybody can walk, even women who killed their children or other people’s children. Nobody cares. And nobody cares about informants either,” an inmate told the firm.

Maxwell complained of her treatment at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and was put on suicide watch. She reportedly was expecting to be sent to the prison where “Orange Is The New Black” was filmed.

It has been reported that snacks like smoked gouda and Nutella will be available to Maxwell along with toiletries options like “collagen elastin facial masks.”

But Maxwell’s time behind bars is not expected to be enjoyable.

“There is nothing cushy about Maxwell's designation. She is going to be surrounded by barbed wire and fences. Her new facility is a far cry from the minimum-security camps that people may imagine from television," said Duncan Levin, a former federal prosecutor in New York, told ABC News.