Max (Adam Scott) and Leroy (Craig Robinson) are forced to work together to save humankind in FOX’s upcoming comedy series, “Ghosted.” FOX

FOX’s upcoming comedy series, “Ghosted,” will be competing against other new TV shows from CBS and ABC.

“Ghosted” stars Adam Scott, Craig Robinson, Ally Walker and Adeel Akhtar, and it will follow the lives of Max Jennifer (Scott) and Leroy Wright (Robinson). One of them is an ostracized college professor, while the other is a disgraced cop. Both of them will be recruited by the paranormal-investigating Bureau Underground led by Walker’s character. The trio will track down an MIA agent while uncovering larger mysteries that could threaten humankind.

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TV Line came up with a first impression for the new series and said that Robinson and Scott had great chemistry in the trailer. The publication also noted that all of the characters in the series bring something new to the table, thus making “Ghosted” a new show definitely worth watching. However, the publication also clarified that the title “Ghosted” does not have any correlation to the likes of “Ghostbuster.”

The three-minute clip opens with Leroy talking to a young boy at the mall. He tells him that his late father wanted him to do well in college and hands him an SAT book. The young boy complains about being 12, but Leroy stresses the importance of studying. In the next scene, an unnamed character injects something into his neck, causing him to pass out.

Elsewhere, Max is working at a bookstore when a woman walks up to him and starts asking if he’s seeing anyone. Max says that he’s sort of married since his wife was abducted by aliens. After his conversation with the woman, Max also gets abducted by the same unnamed character.

Leroy and Max see each other for the first time in a blackened room, both of their wrists are tied to the chair. Akhtar’s character tells the two that he is their kidnapper. In the next scene, the two male characters have a conversation with Walker’s character, and she tells him that the fate of the entire human planet rests on their hands.

Meanwhile, “Ghosted” will air on FOX on Sunday night, but the actual premiere date hasn’t been announced by the network yet. ABC’s “To Tell The Truth” and CBS’ “Wisdom of the Crowd” will also air on the same day at the 8:30 p.m. EDT time slot, according to Deadline.