A giant insect was pulled out of a Texas man's ear after the large critter flew into the organ, while he was working in his garage.

A video was shared by the Discovery Channel, which showed how doctors removed the bug from inside the man's ear. The patient, identified only as Ronald, was featured on this week’s episode of "This Came Out Of Me," a reality series that profiles unusual and extreme medical emergencies, which are treated by emergency responders.

In the episode, Ronald told nurse Paige Grissom how he had been fixing up his dune buggy in the garage of his home in Odessa when a “daggum bug flew in my ear.” He told the nurse he thinks the bug was still alive inside his ear.

“It’s really irritating. It feels like it’s got some wings and it’s down on my eardrum," he is heard saying in the video. “Drives me crazy,” he adds. “I couldn’t stand up because it was just so uncomfortable … makes me just unstable.”

Dr. Greg Starr, who checks Ronald, finds the bug lodged inside his “left external auditory canal.” Starr then injects several doses of lidocaine – a type of local anesthetic – into Ronald’s eardrum. This was done to either stun or kill the insect.

As the drug is administered, Ronald is seen suffering in pain while in the hospital bed. After the third dose, the winged critter is removed from his ear canal, the Sun US reported.

To everyone's surprise, the bug was still alive.

“Looks like a moth,” Starr is heard exclaiming as he holds the bug up to the camera. “Moth us, cloth us, eat us up-us,” he jokes.

Since being shared on Facebook, the chip has gone viral with several users expressing their shock as well as disgust.

“My worst nightmare,” one user wrote. “And … I’ll never sleep again,” another said.

A third wrote: “F--- that I would be jumping around as well that’s f---[ed] up.”

It remains unclear when the bug got inside the Ronald's ear, and for how long it had been inside before it was removed.

Representation. Hospital bed. Pixabay