Two fishermen in Australia faced their worst nightmare when a 16-foot-long crocodile attacked their boats, while they were on a fishing trip in the Northern Territory.

Jason Charles and his friend, Dave Miegle, had set out on a two-day fishing trip on the Cato River in East Arnhem Land on Friday. On Saturday, Charles woke to his friend screaming out to him from his boat.

Charles said he surveyed the dark waters when he suddenly spotted something that sent chills down his spine.

"This crocodile was just smashing into the side of his boat," Charles told "He looked over and saw how long it was and started screaming 'there's a croc, there's a croc'... I woke up to that."

"I was still sitting up and then there was this massive splash of water, about 10 meters away from my boat," he said, adding his boat was only 4.2 meters long. "Within a couple of minutes the crocodile had grabbed my motor and started shaking it... It nearly pulled the motor cover off — there's teeth marks still all on it."

Charles said the giant crocodile later stopped the attack and just sat watching at them, according to NT News.

"Just seeing the size of its head made me realize how serious this was," he said. "I've seen crocodiles before but never this big. And never this aggressive... I think he was getting ready to launch himself into the boat for a second attack, so I jumped into the front, pulled the anchor up and floored it to where Dave was."

Charles said he has "never been that scared in my life before... We were pretty terrified, so we cracked a couple stubbies when we were safe."

According to the fishermen, the sound of the boat likely attracted the reptile's attention.

"It was really calm so he would have heard everything. I had a fan blowing so maybe he felt the vibrations," he said. "It's also their breeding season... He was pretty much telling us to get out of his water. I think we were just in his territory."

representational image pixabay