A recent time-lapse video of ginormous clouds descending on a neighborhood has left thousands of viewers stunned.

Posted by user Nature4world on the subreddit India Tourism, the clip has so far received more than 99,000 upvotes.

In the short video, giant clouds can be seen covering the land until nothing but the clouds are visible.

"Like this Nature creates... dangerous storms.." its caption reads.

Unfortunately, the exact location in which the now-viral video was shot was not disclosed by the Reddit user.

Meanwhile, other Redditors could not help but share their thoughts on the clip.

One of them was a user with the handle BirjeshDigital, who wrote, "It is called Cloud Burst, If this incident happens in mountains it will result into massive slides and flood."

Another user, Secret_Author583, noted, "This is one the most beautiful shots I have ever seen 😮." To this, Reddit user Upset_Efficiency799 commented, "It's not beautiful. It's scary."

One more user, ShotgunPlotBunnies, commented, "Nice time-lapse!"

Unusual cloud-forming videos like this are among the internet's favorites.

Another post by the same Reddit user shows a phantasmagorical clip of clouds moving through a tree. The video looks like it's straight out of a magical world. Its caption reads: "Fogg absorbed by tee.."

Nature4world has another post that shows clouds moving in reverse direction atop a mountain, giving the illusion of a reverse waterfall. "I love nature.." its caption reads.

Clips such as these remind people that nature is full of beautiful mysteries, and one needs to have a keen eye to spot these phenomena.

In other news, a video simulation made by researchers from the University of Michigan visualized a "monstrous" tsunami as an after-effect of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. The tsunami is said to have extended thousands of miles from the impact site, Chicxulub crater near the Yucatan peninsula, to the North Atlantic and South Pacific. In their study, the researchers wrote, "The tsunami was strong enough to scour the seafloor in these regions, thus removing the sedimentary records of conditions before and during this cataclysmic event in Earth history and leaving either a gap in these records or a jumble of highly disturbed older sediments."

In the cloud forests of Costa Rica clouds drapes over mountain ridges
In the cloud forests of Costa Rica clouds drapes over mountain ridges ADVENTURE TERM via AFP / Trevor RITLAND