AYTO Gio and Kaylen
Gio claims he and Kaylen rekindled their relationship off-camera. MTV

Gio and Kaylen learned they were not perfect matches on “Are You The One?” but that wasn’t the end of their relationship. Following the Season 4 finale Monday, star Gio Rivera took to Periscope to dish about the show’s aftermath, revealing he and Kaylen Zahara rekindled their romance after filming wrapped.

Following his fight with Prosper in the finale, Gio said production removed his co-star from the “AYTO?” house and put him into the honeymoon suite. He claims Kaylen also left the set in favor of staying in a hotel for the night. Upon her return, Gio says producers didn’t want him in the same room with Kaylen, but that didn’t stop him from apologizing.

“That s--- bothered me. We couldn’t even be in the same room. When she would come in the room they would tell me to leave,” Gio said, revealing how he eventually got alone time with her. “I ended up pulling Kay aside and honestly just grabbed her by the f---ing face and I kissed her,” he dished.

While viewers did not get to see Gio and Kaylen kiss and makeup, Gio hinted they became more than friends when the show concluded. “Long story short: we made up. We’ve really made up and you can use your imagination as to what I mean by that and we were back together for the time being.”

Gio also shared that after the show wrapped, he and Kaylen stayed in a hotel together without cameras watching their every move. “After the show was over we stood in a hotel for two days in Hawaii was everything was getting situated,” he said. “We stayed together in the same room. We spent the last week together.”

Despite restarting their tumultuous romance, Gio says they are no longer together, calling their relationship “complicated,” and blaming himself for the breakup. “If you want to know really why we’re not together, I can just say it’s my fault,” he admitted. “It’s definitely my fault.”

While they are no longer together, Gio made it known he will always have love for his failed perfect match, saying, “Everybody that knows me knows I love Kay and I’m going to love her for the rest of my life.”