April, the pregnant giraffe, is getting ready to give birth any time now, but in “true April fashion,” she continues to keep the thousands of people waiting for her to go into labor doing exactly that – waiting – the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, said Saturday.

The giraffe was expected to go into labor weeks ago, but she defied the odds to show no significant signs of active labor even now, over a month after the upstate New York zoo set up a livestream – on Feb. 10 – that made April an internet sensation. At any given time, over 50,000 people from across the world check up on the pregnant giraffe, waiting for her to finally give birth.

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The zoo also posts two updates on April’s condition on its Facebook page, to keep the over 900,000 people who follow it up to date with the giraffe’s condition, the point of view of April’s vet, along with some factoids about giraffes.

“April continues to progress but in true April fashion, her upper right teat did not produce milk (It did yesterday) upon veterinary review,” the evening update on Saturday read. “She keeps us guessing - she keeps in growing!!”

The morning update also showed that April’s baby had “settled down compared to yesterday's continued judo chop marathon,” referring to the significant kicking that was reported on Friday. Other factors remain stable, the zoo said. The post added, “Appetite is consistent, and observed changes from last evening are same as reported prior.”

At birth, her calf is expected to weigh about 150 pounds and be almost 6-feet-tall, the zoo said. This will be April’s fourth calf, but for her mate Oliver, this will be his first. The calf’s name will be decided through a contest, the park said.

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