Many eagerly awaited for April the giraffe to give birth on the live cam. Getty Images

April the pregnant giraffe remained in the same condition Friday, even though the night before the calf inside her swollen belly was caught kicking on the live feed camera at her home in upstate New York. The live stream was started by the Animal Adventure Zoo Feb. 10. More than a month later, there was no sign of active labor.

Since the live cam was enabled, the zoo posted daily updates to their official Facebook page. The message Friday was full of holiday spirit since it fell on St. Patrick’s Day. Normally, the zoo post an update in the morning, but they weren’t able to write about April until the afternoon. The zoo jokingly blamed leprechauns for the flub.

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“Sorry for today's delay; an entire group of leprechauns were unaccounted for upon Morning checks,” the post started. “Resources have been dedicated to leprechaun trap production and implementation. Please make your own traps—and let us know if you catch anything!”

Even though the zoo was distracted by meetings and emails, the giraffe remained in food condition. They even teased that the calf might be born on the Irish holiday. “April continues to do great. No concerns on our end - and we are anxious to see what the weekend brings! Perhaps a St. Patrick's Day baby?” the zoo wrote.

By Friday, more than 100,000 people watched the live camera at a time. The zoo’s Facebook update garnered more than 25,000 reactions and more than 4,000 comments.

In the last report, April’s stomach swelled and there were “significant baby kicks from within.”

“Vet reports all is well and no reason for concern,” the zoo said Thursday. “April is posturing quite a bit which is keeping us on our toes! We will see what the weekend brings.”

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