Thousands of viewers waited more than a month for April the giraffe to give birth in upstate New York, but it appeared Monday that special time was finally approaching. April’s belly swelled to the shape of an egg and the baby moved toward the back. Animal Adventure Park, the zoo where April is housed, joked she could give birth in April since the fourth month of the year is days away.

The zoo took to their official Facebook page Monday, like they have since February, to update viewers on April’s current condition. “Good morning, everyone and happy spring!” the zoo wrote. “[The] keeper report is that belly/baby continue to stay towards the back end. Observation over night [piqued] our interest a few times, but nothing to report just yet. April is eating but not as ravenous as days prior.”

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Even though April seemed like she was about to give birth in the immediate future, the park joked the giraffe could give birth during the month she was named after. “No pressure, April the Giraffe, but April the month isn't far away,” they wrote.

Like always, the zoo shared a fun fact, or “factoid,” about giraffes, too. “June 21st, each year, is known as World Giraffe Day! The longest day is dedicated to the longest necked animals of the world! Celebrate with us, or your hometown zoo or animal park, and learn about and how to support giraffe conservation. Our partner through April's Journey and World Giraffe Day is the Giraffe Conservation Foundation,” Animal Adventure Park said in their message.

The post garnered nearly 20,000 reactions from its more than 780,000 followers. Hundreds of people responded in the comments.

With April showing signs she was close to pregnancy, the live cam footage on YouTube had nearly 140,000 viewers Monday. Typically, the live stream peaked at 100,000 viewers with an average of 90,000. Some people commented they constantly had the live cam streaming on their computers.

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“I am getting used to just having her on my computer every day all day,” Facebook user Mary Beth Gilroy-Schertrumpf wrote. “But I hope it's soon. On Thursday it will be 4 weeks I have been watching. My life is on hold and my house is a mess. family thinks I need an intervention.” Her message was liked nearly 2,000 times.

Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months. When the calf is born, it is 6-feet-tall and weights 150 pounds. April’s calf will not be named until it is born. The moniker will be decided through a vote.

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