baby giraffe
The baby of April the giraffe was caught moving inside her belly by the New York live feed cam set up by the zoo. Getty Images

April the giraffe did not give birth to her calf, but viewers of the live feed camera, which was set up by the New York zoo where she resided, saw baby move around in her belly Tuesday. April is 15 months pregnant and could give birth at any moment. It’s one of the reasons at least 100,000 people tuned into the live feed.

Animal Adventure Zoo wrote an update about the pregnant giraffe in a Wednesday post. “April remains in great condition with no concerns from keepers or our vet team,” the New York park said. “Activity in the belly remains very visible to the eye - even through the web cam! Slow and steady - mother nature has everything timed right. Keepers will be in shortly and any change will warrant an update!”

The before, the zoo had some technical difficulties with their Facebook post. They joked about it while updating fans about April. “We do not know why last evenings update did not post, and also another email server has gone wacky—so we have talked to the Russian (tortoises) at the park—and they have ensured us—no interference with our platforms. No hack scandal here!” the message read.

The post garnered more than 45,000 reactions, nearly 5,000 shares and thousands of comments. Since streaming April’s pregnancy, Animal Adventure Park gained more than 600,000 followers on Facebook.

All the attention led to April becoming a pseudo-celebrity. She even issued a statement about her pregnancy. Hello, humans of the Internet. I, April the pregnant giraffe, understand that you are interested in the impending birth of my calf,” she “said” in a statement to last week. “It is a joyous occasion to be sure, and I'm happy to share my joy with the hundreds of thousands of people watching my live stream on YouTube. But newsflash: Staring at me and demanding ‘Where’s that baby already??’ is NOT helping.”

The calf was not named. A moniker for the calf is slated to be chosen through a vote once he or she is born. The baby will not remain with the mother for long, though.

“Upon naturally weaning, the calf will move on to another facility to start a breeding program there,” Animal Adventure Park advised on their YouTube page. “We cannot retain offspring, as it would lead to incestuous mating and undermine the genetics of the program and species.”

The live cam can be viewed here.

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