Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal will face a tough challenge against Tomas Berdych in the semifinals at Indian Wells. Reuters

It wasn’t tennis champions Rafael Nadal and Juan Martín del Potro -- or actor Ben Stiller -- who stole the show at the BNP Paribas Showdown last month at Madison Square Garden. It was 9-year-old Rebecca Suarez.

During a brief break from the match, the crowd was treated to an entertaining set of points, where the pros got some doubles partners from the stands.

Nadal got Stiller, and del Potro got Rebecca, who was waiving her hands high up to get the players' attention.

“I bet she’s pretty good, I don’t know why,” one of the sportscasters said. “I bet you she’s good, too,” the other commentator replied.

And they were right.

During a 15-shot rally, Rebecca showed the pros and Stiller how it’s done with her game at net, hitting three solid backhand volleys.

“It was weird because after every shot I hit, they always clapped,” Rebecca said in an interview with CNN.

In the end, del Potro picked up Rebecca while the crowd cheered for her, and Nadal kissed her on the cheek at net.

“He [Nadal] was taking it easy on me because I think he thought that I had never played tennis before,” Rebecca, who's a part of a United States Tennis Association kids' program, said.

As for something to remember the occasion by, del Potro gave Rebecca his bandana.

“The bandana, I gave it to my brother ‘cause it was still sweaty.”

Watch Rebecca in action and her equally as impressive (and adorable) interview with CNN below: