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Girl Scouts in Arizona were robbed while selling their cookies, and the bandits ran off with more than $500 in cash.

This incident happened not once, but twice, at two different locations in Tucson.

The first troop was robbed on Saturday when two women in their 20s took the Girl Scouts' cashbox while they were selling cookies outside an electronics store.

"They decided to steal our money box and they grabbed it and ran and got into a vehicle and drove off," Girl Scout Micahela Everett told NBC affiliate KSDK.

Kayla Chandler, who was working at the booth, told Tucson News Now that one of the girls was “was asking me all these weird questions like which is the healthiest, and they were kind of joking around."

When the women ran off with the cash box, which had nearly $400 inside, she and the Girl Scout leader chased the two women to their car.

"The car doors were open. The car was waiting for them," said Meta Mota, a Girl Scout leader. "Their license plate was masked. This was a planned opportunity."

Selling Girl Scout cookies is a significant part of being a part of the troop. On their official website, the Girl Scouts organization states that it provides a chance for the Girl Scout to build “a lifetime of skills and confidence” as well as “decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.”

Just a day later, money was stolen when a second Girl Scout troop was selling cookies at another location 10 miles away.

A young man ran off with over $200.

Some of the money was supposed to help fund a trip to Europe next year.

But Mota is not letting the robberies bring the Scouts down.

"It's just heightening our awareness… I believe this will actually probably come out in our favor," she said.