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Colorado-based female-owned heated apparel and heated gear company, Gobi Heat, announces a significant achievement - the sale of over 200,000 innovative heated apparel and heated gear products including jackets, blankets, hats, gloves, and chairs. With its functional, and stylish heated clothing, Gobi Heat seeks to redefine the way people stay warm in cold weather, delivering on their commitment to warmth, comfort, and innovation.

Founded by Jaye Genung, who personally experienced the constant discomfort of cold temperatures, Gobi Heat has witnessed remarkable success and growth since its inception. The company's mission is to provide warmth and comfort through its extensive range of heated clothing, catering to every cold weather need. Whether it's engaging in outdoor activities, working in freezing conditions, or seeking cozy solace indoors, Gobi Heat offers different styles, sizes, and cutting-edge heating capabilities that transform individuals' experiences.

Gobi Heat draws inspiration from the extreme temperature fluctuations of the vast Gobi Desert spanning Mongolia and China. The company mirrors its commitment by continuously striving for growth and evolution in the heated apparel and heated gear industry.

Driven by Jaye Genung's personal struggle with the cold, Gobi Heat embarked on a journey to create superior heated apparel and heated gear . Dissatisfied with existing brands in the market, Jaye envisioned designs that offered enhanced performance and style. With a team of experts and a focus on lightweight and discreet designs, Gobi Heat has earned a reputation in the industry.

The journey of Gobi Heat began with an unexpected encounter between Jaye Genung and her partner, Mark. Recognizing Jaye's constant struggle with the cold, Mark purchased heated clothing from a competing brand, igniting Jaye's interest in the concept. Drawing from her background in product development and project management, Jaye had the confidence to believe in her ability to improve upon existing designs. A dare from Mark to create a superior product led Jaye to embark on a journey to design and manufacture high-quality heated jackets. This journey eventually led Jaye to develop other outdoor heated products such as heated camping chairs and portable heated blankets.

Jaye Genung
Jaye Genung Jaye Genung

Gobi Heat surpassed all expectations, with the initial goal of selling 100 jackets in the first year quickly outpaced by the remarkable sale of 600 jackets. This early success laid the foundation for exponential growth, culminating in the milestone of selling over 200,000 innovative heated apparel and heated gear products. Gobi Heat quickly gained a reputation for reliable, well-designed heated apparel and heated gear , solidifying its position as a trusted brand in the industry.

With its customer-centric approach, the company has expanded its product line, including hoodies, socks, hats, and vests, catering to different preferences and needs. By continually refining and expanding its offerings, Gobi Heat ensures that customers have access to the ideal heated apparel for their particular situation.

With the milestone of selling over 200,000 innovative heated apparel and heated gear products, Gobi Heat has emerged as a frontrunner in the heated apparel and heated gear industry. Looking ahead, Gobi Heat envisions a future where heated apparel and heated gear brands become more differentiated and mainstream. By cooperating and growing the market together, Gobi Heat aims to ensure that heated options are readily available for everyone.

"I envision a future where everyone knows what heated apparel and heated gear is. Currently, the amount of people who are aware of what heated apparel and heated gear is shockingly low. Therefore, heated apparel and heated gear brands have a lot of work ahead of themselves, to educate the customer base on the benefits of these products. The ultimate goal is to create an entirely new conversation when it comes to buying warm apparel. No longer will customers simply talk about what to buy but also whether to buy heated or not," says Jaye Genung.