Investor holdings in the by Goldessential monitored (pure-play) gold-backed exchange-traded funds were seen decreasing 4.106 tonnes (-132,025 ounces) or 0.25 pct in the week from January 15th up to and including January 21st, in-house calculations based on official data showed on last Friday.

Our gold ETF monitor furthermore added the ETFS Physical Swiss Gold (SGOL) to the standard list, bringing the total number of monitored tracked to thirteen. As per January 21st, the single trust held 309,544 ounces of gold on behalf of investors.
None of the twelve monitored ETF's announced an inflow over the reported period, whereas four reported redemptions. Nine reported no change.

Additionally, holdings in the Swiss Zuercher Kantonalbank's (ZKB) Physical Gold ETF were seen rising 0.56 tonnes (+0.38 pct) to 4.763 million ounces in the week ending January 15th.

Focusing on the ETF's under our standard scope of analysis - hence excluding the infrequently updated ZKB -, we see the largest redemption over the reported period in the SPDR Gold Trust, where 58,786 ounces or 1.83 tonnes (-0.16 pct) were seen removed. Holdings in the by ETF Securities marketed ETFS Metal Securities trust (PHAU) were seen dropping 48,639 ounces or 1.51 tonnes (-1.46 pct) over the reported period.

Smaller (absolute) outflows were seen in the South-African NewGold Debentures ETF and Swiss Julius Baer Physical Gold ETF, respectively at -15,800 ounces or 0.49 tonnes (-0.93 pct) and -8,800 ounces or -0.27 tonnes (-0.45 pct).

All other - non-discussed - monitored ETF's reported no changes over the given interval.

Jointly, the thirteen monitored gold-backed exchange traded funds (excluding (1)) as such declined 0.25 pct over the reported period, extending last week's 0.54 pct (revised for ETFS Physical Swiss Gold addition; SGOL. Prior: -0.55 pct) drop, and down for the third consecutive week.

Total monitored holdings (excluding (1)) were now at 1,632.27 tonnes, 1.82 pct below a (for SGOL revised) record high of 1,662.54 tonnes in the week to December 3rd. Grand total monitored holdings (including (1)) were at 1,780.41 tonnes, 1.79 pct below a (for SGOL revised) record high of 1,812.77 tonnes in the week to December 3rd.

On a rolling month (4-week) basis, the best performance (in percent) was seen in the ETFS Physical Swiss Gold (SGOL) (+1.64 pct). On the second place stood the equally by ETF Securities marketed ETFS Metal Securities Australia Securities Australia (+1.08 pct).

On the third place stood the Claymore Bullion Trust (+0.28 pct). The South-African NewGold ETF did worst over the rolling month, losing -1.85 pct of its holdings, closely followed by the SPDR Gold Trust (-1.84 pct). On the third place stood the COMEX Ishares Gold Trust (-1.18 pct).