Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike, pictured at the 2015 BAFTA awards, returns to the big screen in "Return to Sender." Reuters

Rosamund Pike earned an Academy Award nomination this year for her role in David Fincher’s “Gone Girl.” Now the English actress will return to the big screen to try and follow up her breakthrough role with another psychological thriller – Fouad Mikati’s “Return to Sender.” The trailer for the new drama was released online on Wednesday, revealing a mystery vaguely familiar storyline to Pike’s previous Oscar-nominated film.

Return to Sender” tells the story of a nurse, played by Pike, who goes on a blind date that forever changes her life after she is raped in her own house. However, the enigmatic and hard to follow trailer hints at strange revenge plot that feels reminiscent of the vengeful con Pike's character pulls in “Gone Girl.”

In the trailer, after Pike lets a man (Shiloh Fernandez) into her house, mistaking him for her blind date, she is raped and badly beaten. She soon after recognizes her attacker and the police are able to put the man behind the behind bars. The plot thickens, though, when Pike’s character appears to initiate a letter correspondence with her assailant that eventually progresses into regular visits to the prison to talk to him. Strangely, some romantic chemistry even seems to develop with the two seeing each other after he gets out of prison. The nurse’s father, played by Nock Nolte, is worried about his daughter, but she seems to have a plan. She wants her rapist to “fix it,” but what she means by that remains a mystery.

In "Gone Girl," Pike's character, Amy Dunne, enacts an elaborate revenge scheme to get back at her husband, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck), for cheating on their marriage. Her scam involves framing her unsuspecting husband for her murder. Later, in an attempt to cover up her tracks after the plan falls apart, she kills an ex-lover (Neil Patrick Harris) and frames him for rape and kidnap. "Return to Sender," where Pike's character again walks a think moral line in her quest for justice, appears to be somewhat similar.

Watch the trailer for “Return to Sender” below:

Will the movie suffer from its glaring similarities to the violent mystery of “Gone Girl,” or will Pike once again deliver an awards-caliber performance? Fans will have to decide for themselves when the film comes out. “Return to Sender” hits theaters nationwide later this year.

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